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GLOBALIZATION In Globalization, there are two facets. One, Globalization  as an opportunity for success and progress. Two, Globalization may run-on our local companies. This is inevitable. This is dictated by the changing time. This is necessary. Logical. Painful. Worth-watching. Worth-guarding. Fulfilling. Bello, as posted in the CorpWatch.org website is right in saying that the Philippines is experiencing disadvantages in the multilateral trade … Read More

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In Globalization, there are two facets. One, Globalization  as an opportunity for success and progress. Two, Globalization may run-on our local companies. This is inevitable. This is dictated by the changing time. This is necessary. Logical. Painful. Worth-watching. Worth-guarding. Fulfilling.

Bello, as posted in the CorpWatch.org website is right in saying that the Philippines is experiencing disadvantages in the multilateral trade agreement. He is truthful to say that our legal system has been overhauled (may be an overstatement)  just to conform to its opening for the world.

I tell you, this is a common stand of those against trade liberalization and globalization (especially for the leftist group). When we open our skies, our trading for the world our local companies find it difficult to compete with the foreign companies. Quality and Price-wise we are not at par with them; considering our technology and sky-high labor wage.

What the article fail to spell and spill are the benefits of Globalization. I may enumerate some:

1. Knowledge  and Technological transfer

2. Our local companies will now aim for a world-class quality for

they themselves will compete abroad, internationally to countries

who are member and open to free-trade.

3.  As we become global (as our aspiration), we make stronger ties

to countries essential for our economic growth. More Foreign

Direct Investments (FDI), accessible international credit facility,

and more strategic collaborations to key countries.

It is not that bad when we joined the free-trade agreement via WTO.

What we need is an eye keen for abuse and over exploitation. I also agree to the article that we should not be too open to exploit our natural resource lest we feel being raped. We should join hands in protecting our rights to all these BIG changes around the world.

Party list, quo vadis?


This is again a classic circumvention of the law. The marginalized sector is doubtless to say under represented. Why? They are as well a minority. Being marginalized refers to being separated from the rest of the society, forced to occupy the fringes and edges and not to be at the centre of things. Marginalized people are not considered to be a part of the society.

By this simple premise, the and “Ladlad Party-list” and the cited party-list for the security guards by simple definition may become a member of the party-list system. This is in contrary to the wrong connotation that being marginalized one has to be ultra-poor.

“Thus, the party-list candidate must show— through its constitution, articles of incorporation, bylaws, history, platform of government and track record—that it represents and seeks to uplift marginalized and underrepresented sectors.” (from the above link)

Where then is the premise as posted by Josh Centro on fb that ignorance of the law excuses no one? Highly unrelated. (http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/photo.php?pid=30824104&id=1030042175)

I believe the Supreme Court ruled-out the decision against the party-list that nominates one of the Arroyo’s in Congress solely because it protects the rights of the “marginalized sector” from forms of abuses and even over exploitation and not as indicated and hinted by Josh and others that its politics-related. The Supreme Court itself upholds the Constitution by following its provisions.

“In the end,” the Court concluded, the “role of the Comelec is to see to it that only those Filipinos who are marginalized and underrepresented become members of Congress under the party-list system, Filipino style.” (http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/columns/view/20100410-263463/Party-list-quo-vadis)

Jösh Centro : It is highly IRRESPONSIBLE and the height of IGNORANCE to say that Noy Aquino has done nothing.

I’d like to answer this shortly: PERSONAL GAIN.

It is a free-ride to political gimmick and election-related furtherance.

What Noy has to do are the “states-man” actions and not political antics and dramatics. In his petition, can you feel patriotism? Can you read between the line, UPHOLDING the INTEREST of the nation and its sovereign? I say, UPHOLDING his Presidential stance.

A district each for Arroyo and Andaya


Whoever is the legal counsel and Constitutional lawyer of the Arroyos’ is one heck of a brainy guy. Macalintal? Probably. This is again the dramatic stunts of circumventing around the law.

It may be that the the apportionment of an Arroyo and Andaya for respective districts failed the minimum population-qualification, it still bears substance and essence by following the ponencia.

In the quoted article by Fr. Joaquin Bernas, he stressed that the populace is the sovereign. Noble.Very true.

Finally, what of the command that Congress make a reapportionment within three years after the return of every census? Its purpose is to periodically readjust proportionality.

On the other side of the argument:

The 250,000 minimum population do not apply to provinces. The Constitution did not provide any minimum population requirement for the creation of congressional districts within a province.


Mischievous petition. Last week, top lawyer Romulo Macalintal petitioned the Supreme Court to abolish the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), which was created to decide contests relating to the presidency and the vice presidency.

Because Macalintal also lawyers for President Macapagal-Arroyo, critics immediately imputed Machiavellian motives to him. I disagree. The Constitution already provides, “The Supreme Court, sitting en banc, shall be the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns, and qualifications of the President or Vice President…” Hence, even if his petition succeeds, the Court—not the PET—will hear presidential protests.

from (http://opinion.inquirer.net/inquireropinion/columns/view/20100410-263463/Party-list-quo-vadis)


I wonder why we choose to vote people who are clamored by emotion and not by intellect?

I mean look and read the arguments…

When the United States of America chose their President they were issue-oriented, state-oriented, and above all qualification-oriented, a mark of a mature and stable political philosophy.

For our political will to mature, we must distance our right to vote from an emotion-dictated decision. We must be logical, precise, and responsive to the changing needs of our country in the changes of the world. The term is Globalization.

So long as we wouldn’t become mature on choosing a President who knows how to differentiate fiscal policies from foreign policies we are doomed. A president who relies on “advisers” is a non-sense President. A President who knows nothing about National Security and Defense is no more than a “kuya” of a boy scout. A President who knows nothing about International Law is laughing-stock wanna-be!


I’m very sure all the poor living in the slums would enjoy those ECONOMIC BS together with some foie gras, caviar, and Hennessey in Le Cirque.

I’m sure all the poor students stuck in overcrowded classrooms enjoy discussing what GNP, debt servicing, and globalization mean to them. I’m sure they are all enlightened with all our error-filled textbooks. That is if they are not in some Kariton classroom reading with Kuya Efren Peñaflorida.


What the poor students aren’t enjoying, are the staple knowledge that our country is malnourished of. What these poor kids do not want to hear are the nourishment we crave for to progress. It may be deafening for them to hear today, but tomorrow they would reap its benefits. Vision my friend is far range. Fail to have a vision and you are doomed.

It is but natural to raise our brows with how a more than P60M SALN between 2000 and 2008 to double knowing how much a President earns. However, what Winnie Monsod (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6RqJw7r9VU) has exposed and tried to explain was the the 720K annual gross income of the President. Has anybody asked if it was taxed?

True, that what caused the ballooning SALN of PGMA may have been from other income she may have. For one, the presumption of engaging into stocks and other forms of investments. Although the Philippines stocks has slacked on the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2008, there were still times were it peaked between 2000 and 2008 which is obviously to the advantage of PGMA. That is, if we are talking about stocks. What about other investments? Business venture and bank investments? Aren’t they viable and most probable reasons as to why her SALN has risen?

As a banker and with background in Accounting, I could say that the SALN rise of valuation is fair c0nsidering the seven-year time frame. What Winnie Monsod fail to explain is the snow ball effect of interests and the appreciation of some assets. For example, buying gold bullion and similar trades will surely give you more gains.

I am sure that gratuities and onerous grants are some of the major factors to be considered in the declared SALN of the President.

For me, it is truly fair for everyone’s SALN valuation to increase year-on-year. Don’t tell me that if a tricycle operator buys another tricycle in the course of seven years is scrupulous and suspicious? We raise our brow on PGMA because she is in a public office.

—– Agreement—–

I totally agree on Winnie Monsod’s commentary on the Office of the Ombudsman. I think this is one of the many things that has to be reformatted or abolished government agency. Our 1987 Constitution needs to be reviewed. It is not timely and relevant into some aspects.  Government officials should be watched closely from the President down the line.

—–Winnie Monsod’s Remedy—-

1. Elect an official with no corruption issues. Who will it be? Who claims to be the it?

2. An elected official (or soon to be elected official) that do not choose cronies for the government positions but rather those who are qualified.  Hmm, was she a crony of Cory? Oh, I know, she is qualified for the position when she was chosen as of Cory’s cabinet member along with some of the members of the Hyatt 10.

—But I do agree on this matter. If possible no cronies but qualified individuals for the government positions. (Take Arthur Yap, Ralph Recto, and Margarito Teves and even Neri; they were brilliant in their fields).

3. File complaints on government officials who are living beyond their means. Hard, but its the noblest act. We should take courage.


“This world is too poor to buy my convictions on the principles of TRUTH, JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS”

Bro. Eddie C. Villanueva (http://broeddie.ph/)

Strong words from a 2010 Presidential bidder coming from the Religious sector.

As a background and information on one of the Presidential bidders let me introduce to you who Eduardo Villanueva is.

Bro. Eddie was born on October 6, 1946 in Bocaue, Bulacan to parents Joaquin T. Villanueva and Maria Cruz Villanueva.In 1969, Villanueva graduated with a degree in commerce, majoring in economics, from the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC), since renamed the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He was immersed in both student and labor movements in the 1970’s, joining the progressive segments of society which opposed military dictatorship. Villanueva also took up law at the University of the Philippines but was already into so much activism that he never had time to take the bar [examination].

In 1978, Villanueva founded the Jesus_Is_Lord_Church formerly named Jesus is Lord Fellowship, “which started with just 15 members from his Bible studies”. In 2007, “JIL said it has over three million members today in 36 countries. Most members abroad are overseas Filipino workers and their families.

Brother Eddie received the Gintong Ama (Golden Father) award for Socio-Civic/Religious Sector from the Golden Mother and Father Foundation in June 1996. He was also voted Pastor of the Year in a 1998 worldwide search conducted by Dr. George Otis’ High Adventure Ministries. The Ministries broadcasts the Voice of Hope program in 72 countries.

Villanueva was ordained Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in 1979 by the California-based Victory in Christ Church|Victory in Christ Church and International Ministries. He has also been conferred the office of Episcopacy by the Sectarian Body of Christ in the Philippines in April 1996.

In February 2001, Brother Eddie received the EDSA People Power Freedom Award for ZOE TV 11 for its fair coverage of the People Power II movement. He founded and owns ZOE Broadcasting Network Inc. and operates Channel 11 on Filipino television. Bro. Eddie hosts three ZOE programs, Diyos at Bayan, PJM (Philippines for Jesus Movement) Forum and Jesus The Healer.

Now let us delve on the topic:

Ecumenical Leadership: What good will it bring?

This was the question raised by my father when we were talking about politics over dinner. He himself is a church minister was asking this.

In my mind, was a question of what business have called forth a church minister to join politics? This prompted me to create a blog about politics.

Anyways, I answered my father with a question of why is he asking such?

Well he replied me that he saw on the news that this Brother Eddie has accepted and recognized “Ladlad Party-an advocate group for gays and lesbians or those belonging to the third sex ” as a legitimate party-list. He was so discouraged by what Bro. Eddie has done. My father thought out loud that the Commission on Elections has done better in terms of discretion by disallowing “Ladlad” as a legitimate party-list. This was as well my very same thoughts.

What runs through my mind was his obsession  and  hunger for the  highest position of the land.

The fact that he is an evangelical leader and voted as “the pastor of the year” should have prompted him to grip to his roots. To grip to Biblical Christianity as taught in the Bible. What a pity to note that just to get the sympathy of the people and that of the minority – the third sex, he sank so low in terms of moral and spiritual standing.

On his bid as the next President, he must always put to mind that he is seen as a minister and always a minister by his followers and this country. Though he took a leave of absence in the church he founded, in the eyes of God his leave of absence is not considered. 24/7 his calling as a minister (given true) is in effect.

What good will Ecumenism bring to him and this country? I don’t see how a gay priest ministers a Sunday service or a straight priest wedding gay couple effective. The more to see a Pastor brushing elbows with the third-sex professing they are Christians in the pulpit.

Without prejudice, just sheer thought, seeing Bro. Mike Velarde, Ka Eli Soriano, and him conferring to unite the faith they are subscribing to.

Such absurdity is so profound.

Another (unrelated) question is how will he truly advocate for the separation of the Church and the State?

What business does he have with politics?